Word of the Year: 2023

Word of the Year: 2023

Lust + Lore has chosen a word of the year for 2023 for our guiding mission of the year. We are in the midst of a rebrand which started at the end of 2022 and includes new surface level branding like a new name, brand colors, fonts, etc. But this rebrand includes depth like changing the way we do some things to be more customer focused while still being eco friendly and maintaining our stance on ethically sourced products. 

Our goal this year is to become our most authentic self as a shop. 

This means letting go of old things that no longer fit us or suite us and saying hello to what the universe has in store for us. It means letting go of the fear that if we aren't creating something similar to what everyone else is creating it won't sell. It means creating authentically what we believe is worthwhile. 

We might lose some followers or customers as they decide that this is not what they want, but we might grow a community of people who do want this authentic, eco friendly, ethical, bewitching, and bookish vibe that we are curating. 

So come on...let's make magic together. 

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