Why Bella Canvas blanks?

Why Bella Canvas blanks?

When we first started we were using Gildan tees then moved to Gildan soft style simply because of the feel. However, I try to shop sustainably and ethically for my own personal clothing, so I asked myself why I would not start researching my blanks companies. 

So I did. 

And I found that Gildan had numerous violations and complaints of unethical practices in manufacturing as regarding their labor. In short, they moved many factories out of the US and then took advantage of the individuals in those countries. 

Although Gildan has attempted to make steps to improve they still don't have a great rating. 

I set out to find a new shirt company. 

I initially wanted Comfort Colors or American Apparel because CC was really popular and AA seemed more ethical and sustainable. However, I found that both of those are owned by Gildan! I kept searching. 

Bella Canvas kept coming up in my searches as being sustainable and ethical. They seem to care about both people and the environment which is huge for me. Plus I knew they were super soft. 

I found out that they are fairly affordable and come in a HUGE variety of colors. I was sold. 

That's why we only use Bella Canvas blanks in our shop. I do still have some older designs on Gildan which I sell at a discount, but once those are gone then we won't ever have them back. 

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