What? New Processing Times! And lowering prices on things?!?!

What? New Processing Times! And lowering prices on things?!?!

I have been working diligently on ways to better serve my customers because I want to be doing the best I can be and making sure people are happy with their purchases. 

I hated that the processing times were hitting six weeks because I totally understand that when you order something you are anxious to get it. I am the same way. I won't share all the bad things that happened in detail but in a broad strokes: theft by employee, another employee sending out the wrong items or pressing multiple things incorrectly, my printer going down again, finding mold in my old shop. And that was just the shop things. It honestly felt as though the world was ending with the employees situation, moving our home, farm, and the shop, the mold (it was on A LOT of inventory), then dealing with insurance for that. 

I also have several chronic illnesses as well as a few mental illnesses, so all of the stress had me having flare ups which made it harder to work and get things done, combined with a HUGE influx of orders (which I am incredibly grateful for), and I honestly just was struggling. That's why I hired more employees to help me even after the stealing debacle. Then they both pressed so many things wrong, and I just can't have them sending out stuff that is not up to my standards. I knew I had to take back over printing everything myself. 

That's why we are scaling back on our inventory. I decided to move the shop back into my home after the move, so I am not in a spare bedroom instead of a 2K + square foot shop. It's soooo much smaller, but I think it will be better for the shop, for customers, and for my overall health. 

Previously, we kept quite a bit of inventory on hand so that we could process things by using that inventory. I am changing that up and ordering inventory as things are ordered on a weekly basis. This also means I am trying to get rid of a lot of tees I have on hand as well as some transfers! I am going to be pressing and adding A TON of ready to ship items which will be slightly lower priced in an effort to get it out of here. 

I have also set up my tumbler and mug press, so that I can start pressing tumblers and mugs in house instead of relying on a print provider. This will allow me to lower the prices, however they will not be UV printed. They will be sublimation. But for me, lowering prices is a priority on those. I am just working on perfecting technique before I offer them. 

Some things are leaving the shop: 

  • Taylor (leaves 7/31) 
  • Labyrinth (leaves 7/31) 
  • Wonderland (leaves 7/31)

I will also be discontinuing a few designs in some collections, so please read the product description carefully. They will also be in the Last Call collection. These are not always discounted as nothing is wrong with them and they are just being discontinued. I am just not restocking once the transfers are gone. 

I am adding more youth designs, but these will all be processed by the print provider and shipped directly by them. I have tons of requests for items for kids, but with space being limited I don't really want to keep another size of transfer on hand for those designs, so they will be handled like that. 

Thank y'all so much for the never-ending support and love. I appreciate each and every single order so much. And I love chatting with y'all about books and movies and tv shows and all the fandoms online! 

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