Western Collection

Western Collection

I have tried time and again to not gravitate towards western and rodeo designs, but I keep coming back to them. I'm not sure if bookish, fandom, fictional worlds, go with rodeo and barrel racings...but I guess it does over here. I think because horses and books are ingrained on my soul that I can't not make them. 

Growing up the two things I could always escape into was a book or riding my horse through trails listening to birds and the breeze but nothing else. I can't shake that when I sit down to design! 

This Cowboy Killer design is one of my absolute favorites. The skeleton, in true cowgirl fashion, is wearing turquoise jewelry. I think that little detail makes it extra special. 

I hope folks check out the western collection as I continue to add to it because it's really good. And as always everything is ethically sourced and as eco friendly as we can possibly make it. The majority of the designs are originals as well. Just like every other collection in our shop. 

I hope to add more to the western collection soon as we continue to expand and grow this business. Please let us know on social media what new things you'd love to see. We are adding sublimation tumblers, sublimation mugs, bookmarks, as well as hand-beaded jewelry. 

We would love to hear from you! 



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