Vigilante Shit

Vigilante Shit

It was quite by accident that I happened to be up when the Midnights album was released, and by accident that I was up listening to it when the 3 am versions were released. Don't get me wrong I adore Taylor Swift, but I also like to stay on a semblance of a routine because of mental health. 

It was a great surprise though, and I honestly love all of the songs. 

This one, Vigilante Shit, spoke to me from the time I saw the tiktok with Taylor announcing the song title. I was like yup, this one was written for me. And it was. 

The inspiration behind this design is pretty simple. I like the idea of simple designs that have a few elements with significant meaning behind them. So this one is on a vintage looking grey with the signature Taylor stars in the signature Taylor color, red. And obviously we had to include the upside down red phone that Taylor used in her announcement tiktoks. 

This song speaks to me of deals in the dark and sly smiles. When she says, "Don't get sad, get even" I feel that in my soul. I've let too many people make me sad, but why? Are they even worth that? Should I just get even and smile that sly smile? 

Taylor thinks so, and I do too. 

I'm pretty sure there will be more of this song as far as designs. I honestly am overwhelmed with the amount of ideas that I have for this specific album. 

This design is currently in stock, and I am restocking any out of stock things on December 1st unless they are in the Last Call Collection. 

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