True Alpha - A Teen Wolf Inspired Collection

True Alpha - A Teen Wolf Inspired Collection

Fans of MTV's Teen Wolf series will be excited this afternoon because we are releasing an entire collection of merch inspired by the show in preparation for the upcoming movie. We will have designs that represent Lydia, Stiles, and more. 

We are sad that Stiles won't be in the movie, but he will always be in our hearts. We hope that you love this collection because we certainly do and we love this show. Make sure you get a good rewatch in before the movie comes out. 

We are excited that Allison Argent is coming back, but we also wonder what the hell she's being doing this entire time. To quote another fave werewolf, "where the hell have you been loca?" There are rumors that she is the new nogitsune, and that is the big bad in the movie. 

A little curious to see how they figure anything out without Stiles and his ball of red yarn though. 

Who's your favorite character?

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