The Sun and Its Shade

The Sun and Its Shade

If you didn't already know, the second book in Piper CJ's The Night and Its Moon series comes out on 2/28 (also the birthday of yours truly!). And so does the next round of Piper CJ designs. 

I really hope that y'all love them. This is a little sneak peak at one of them. And it's different than what I originally wanted, but it turns out I cannot draw literally at all. Piper and I had wanted the Nox representation to be doing the shhh fingers in front of her face. But first I could not get the horns correct. It looked comical...and then it was the hand. I tried to hire it out, but no one really had a style that felt right for it. 

My fave design I think is the varsity style SNOWBIRD one because that scene is just....whew let me go take a cold shower. If ya know what I mean. That scene between .... but no spoilers. I'll just say book two is definitively spicier than book one. And the spice is everything not nice but also very smut readers will know what I mean. 

Anyway, the collection goes live at midnight tonight. 

Love y'all! 

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