The Start of the Re-Brand

The Start of the Re-Brand

You may have noticed our socials with a new name and the beginnings of a new look....

I talk about it all the time and have been working toward re-branding for well over a year. It's just so hard for me to niche down despite every single marketing expert and business coach I know telling me that I absolutely have to in order to refine my target audience and really make money. Then of course I absolutely see that in all of the shops whose journey I am so lucky to be a part of. They start to leave me in the dust as they narrow their markets. And yes I am a little jealous, but not in the angry way. Just in the I wish I could do that way and admiration way. 

But I am finally making the leap with hopes that I'll build wings or an airplane or an Illyrian with a giant wingspan will swoop me up on the way down...I mean whatever keeps me from splatting on the bottom. 

I love the cowgirl designs that I create as well as the feminist items and equality items. And then I have tons of designs from when I first started this business because I was told to make "something for everyone" and those designs are all so cute. I definitely do not want them to go to waste. 

That's why I created a division of the company and was calling it Clothesline Digitals. You can shop on the website for digitals and they are separated by theme for easy navigation. And there is a separate instagram account as well. ( 

This will allow me to niche down in the physical products I am selling to only focus on fictional worlds like fairy tales and folk lore (although is folk lore fictional? that's a debate for another day) and all our fave fandoms. 

So now we are officially becoming Lust + Lore 

Thank you all for being here, and living this journey with me. I'm so excited to have y'all in my corner. 

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