The Bat Boys

The Bat Boys

The inspiration for this week's launch is the fabulous winged boys from Prythian. 

We have two designs for you including a Bat Boys fan club design and a Bat Boys Prythian Tour concert tee. 

I've been working on these for a long long time. Then a bunch of other shops starting releasing concert style tees, and I got nervous because I hate the drama that comes when people think you've copied someone. But moving forward I'm not letting what other people do dictate what I do. If a design is similar then it's similar. I don't have anything to prove to anyone but myself. 

Anyway, I knew that when I read about Azriel singing I wanted to do a concert tee, but I kept leaning more towards folksy music. I still do for Az. But Cassian would definitely be a rockstar. So this concert tee is if Cass is leading the band. Badass with electric guitars and a sound sort of between Guns N Roses and older Southern Rock bands like 38 Special or Lynyrd Skynyrd. 

The other tee is a Bat Boys Fan Club tee. It features the impressive wingspan of wings then a sort of crooked font for the lettering. I did consider putting this one on different colors to sort of represent each of the boys, but ultimately as I'm trying to simplify my life I decided against it. Of course, you can ALWAYS request it if your heart simply must have it in your guy's color. 

Anyway, the launch was Tuesday and I've had to restock three times! But once this last one is out it will be out for a bit as I catch up! 



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