Taylor Drop

Taylor Drop

I love Taylor Swift. 

I think by the sheer amount of inspiration she brings to me that is probably pretty apparent by this time. I just really love basically every single song that she has ever written and ever will write. 

I have the opportunity to go see her in concert in June. IF I can afford the plane ticket. It's really an amazing chance as it's box seating, and my hotel, ticket, and everything is paid for with the Swiftie Suite Project. 

This is also monumental for me in my mental health fight. 

At several points in the past few years, I have suffered from anxiety and agoraphobia to the point where I was barely able to leave the house. I've been working really hard on everything and taking my medications. This is sort of a big point for me. And I am already finding reasons that I can't possibly go. 

One of which is financial. However, this is accurate. We've had a ton of veterinary expenses in the past year or so that have kept us from saving as much as we'd like. Buying a plane ticket is sort of an expense that we can't really afford. 

So I am asking, not for anyone to give me anything, but to please purchase from me. If you've been thinking about buying from my shop I would greatly appreciate it if you did so that I can go to this concert. If I don't have the money by the end of April, I'm going to have to give up my chance so that someone else has the opportunity. 

Thank y'all in advance. 

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