Taylor Drop

Taylor Drop

Thank y'all so so much for the love and appreciation on the Taylor drop! We dropped ELEVEN new designs including this All Too Well design as well as Varsity Style crewnecks for each album with the album title and the year of release. 

They're all almost sold out, but there are still a few sizes and albums left as well as many of the All Too Well tee designs. I'm not sure when we will restock these again, so if you're wanting one go check to see if your size and album is available. 

Also if you saw the Speak Now one on social media with the year being 2008 just pretend that was 2010. And it definitely is fixed on the actual merch. I just get a little silly and goofy sometimes when I'm making stuff. 

I am really excited about this collection, and I hope to keep adding more to it as we go on. Another item is coming that was part of the Swiftie Suite Project, which if you don't know about that is a thing that a friend of mine is doing on tiktok. You can follow her tiktok @swiftiesuiteproject to get more information.

Love y'all! 


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