With our recent restructuring of how we are doing launches we decided to have some permanent collections (obviously pending on sales), but that means that some old faves can come back. This is clearly very thrilling. 

One collection that has to come back is Supernatural. 

Supernatural was the first fandom that I truly was a part of, and I was well into adulthood before I got really into it. I joined groups and read fanfics and joined GISH when it was still Gishwhes. I longed to go to a convention (still do, but my anxiety says absolutely not). 

These days I'm a fan of many things, but less a part of fandoms because sometimes they can get a little toxic, and I am not about that. I think these stories, these characters, these feelings are for everyone. I don't think anyone is a bigger fan than someone else because of how much merch they have or what they collect or when they started watching or reading or being a fan. I want everyone to love everything that they love. 

And so here we are, Clothesline Apparel Co....wanting everyone to feel like they belong. We want to create magical and bookish merch that exemplifies all the most amazing parts of your favorite fictional worlds, promotes feminism and equality, and pays homage to fast horses and rodeo because that's why we started this venture. 

Come on in and join us for the magic. 

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