Summer Court Tourist it came to be

Summer Court Tourist it came to be

The story behind the Summer Court Tourist Tee is that I grew up in Florida and remember always seeing those tourist tees at every single gas station and just basically everywhere you go. Combine that with the way my favorite ACOTAR character, Morrigan, gives presents and this shirt was born. 

It was sort of an inside joke combining tourist destinations, which let's face it the Summer Court would be one because beaches and water are always fave vacation spots, and tacky gifts. Then it became one of my favorite shirts. I kept thinking of those shirts that say something like, "My friends went to the Summer Court and all I got was this t-shirt" because all I think is how Cassian isn't allowed there anymore. And I thought of how Mor gives her friends gifts in colors that they don't like that are always bright and voila this tee was born. 

These are in the Summer Court collection which will leave when the Autumn Court arrives, so make sure to get your Summer Court Tourist Tee before they're all gone! 

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