sticker production in our shop

sticker production in our shop

We love having stickers in the shop. They're one of my favorite things to design, although I have had to do some trial and error because sometimes what works well on a tee or a hoodie will not work quite the same on a sticker. 

I thought for awhile that I'd make the stickers myself in the shop, but after many trial and errors I discovered that this was just not something I wanted to do. 

I get them professionally printed now. This ensures that they are high quality, always cut correctly, and most importantly are waterproof! 

I am rough on my water bottles and love to decorate them with stickers, so it was important to me that they actually stay on. When I tried making them myself, I knew I'd have to tell everyone that they were only for indoor use and to keep them dry. Now I can tell people that they're durable and waterproof without worrying about it which is a huge relief. 

Stickers and boutique items are the only things we don't make in house. That's why we are able to offer customization of almost everything. 

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