Society of Small Businesses

Society of Small Businesses

I definitely have a huge goal that involves helping other people on their way to success as well.

One of the big things I wanted to keep in mind as I built this business and built other streams of income, so I could chase my giant dream of being a professional barrel racer, is the fact that community is more important than competition. I wanted to make sure everyone knows that there is room for everyone at the top. 

There is enough internet space for everyone. There is enough money for everyone. There is enough room for every single person to achieve their dreams. 

And so, I've created Society of Small Businesses. 

The website is and I really hope you follow us on social media as well. The handle is societyofsmallbusinesses on every platform. 

With this venture, I hope to help others find the confidence in themselves and avoid burnout as well as connect them with valuable resources that can help them along the way. 

I've created a collection that I hope to fill with low priced digital products that can help struggling small business owners. Right now there are 50 instagram templates for only $5! 

I really hope that we can all work together to create a support system full of value that can help everyone along the way. 

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