Social Media + Re-Branding

Social Media + Re-Branding

One of the reasons we did a slow re-brand rather than a big announcement was because of social media availability. We simply changed the user names on our instagram accounts, tiktok account, Pinterest, and our webpage. 

The three instagram accounts associated with us are our meme account (lustandlorememes), our digital designs account (lustandloredigitals), and our main shop account (shoplustandlore). 

Our tiktok account is currently lustandlore but I would like to change it to shoplustandlore so that it matches the instagram. I just have to wait until 11/1 to do so since tiktok places restrictions on how often you can change. 

Pinterest is now shoplustandlore as well. 

The new website is but the old url will work until March of 2023. The website is in the process of being changed, so if it looks a little wonky from time to time that's just us in the middle of our re-brand. 

Do you like this spooky coffee design? It's available as a digital png in our shop! 

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