Re-Stocks - People Pleasing + what I can handle

Re-Stocks - People Pleasing + what I can handle

We released a few Bat Boys creations a few weeks ago, and we have had to restock multiple times. However, we simply cannot keep up with demand. We definitely will keep these designs in the store. But we will not continually be restocking. 

The same may be proving to be true with our Varsity Style Taylor album title's crewnecks. There are a few sizes left of some sizes for each album, but with the current volume of orders and me trying to stay sane and not be working 24 hours a day which isn't even possible I have to stop with the constant re-stocks just because people ask. 

This is really hard! 

Because I want everyone to get what they want, and I don't want them to have to wait to order it. But my processing times are getting too long and we are in the midst of renovating a house as well as running our small farm. I don't want people to be waiting this long for me to make and ship their orders either, but that's where I currently am. 


I have decided to stop just doing re-stocks and people will just have to wait for me to do re-stocks when I release new products for that collection. I hope that this will give me a chance to catch up on all orders and get processing time under control. 

I will announce re-stocks along with monthly launches and those will be in the updates story highlight on instagram or the pinned videos on tiktok. I will also put it in this blog on the first of each month. 

Thanks for being here along on this ride! 

In February we have 2/7 as the Taylor Launch, then 2/14 as the Feminist Launch, then 2/21 as the Supernatural Launch, then 2/28 as the Piper CJ Launch. The only one of those that could currently get re-stocks is the Piper CJ collection and I think only the tote bags are out of stock. But that's literally because the wholesaler I use is out of stock for them. That is also the case for some of the crewneck and hoodie sizes in specific colors. I promise I'm not trying to gatekeep certain sizes and colors. 

Anyway, I appreciate all of you! 


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