Re-Stock and Cowgirl + Western Boutique Launch

Re-Stock and Cowgirl + Western Boutique Launch

Many of y'all that follow my barrel racing accounts (rhondahartman228 on all platforms) or have been around here for awhile know that alongside books, horses are one of the things in my life that have saved me more times than I can count. 

As much as I try to phase it out I can't, and so I'm done fighting it. The Cowgirl + Western Collection is here to stay, alongside Trailer Park Princess because it's part of who I am at my core. And that's what this little business is about...being ourselves..unapologetically and without reservation. 

Let's be honest, we were not made to fit in a box and so we might like to pair our Bat Boys Prythian Tour Concert tee (which was restocked) with our colorful jeans and boots. And who is going to tell us we can't?

Not Tamlin. That's for damn sure. 

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