Perfumes Available!

Perfumes Available!

Did y'all know we have perfumes?

They are all in 10 mL roller bottles and are oil based, so they last for a long time. They are all based after different aesthetics, and they all smell truly amazing. I literally got myself one of each! That way I can switch up based on my mood and the vibe I'm trying to curate. 

Adding in collections based on aesthetic is something new we are trying as we end 2022 and move forward into 2023. I find there are a lot of things I want to include that don't quite fit into a "fandom" and this was the solution for that. There are a few aesthetics that don't represent Lust + Lore entirely so you can find those in the perfume section. Just because we aren't repping those aesthetics as a style doesn't mean we don't love the smell. 

Make sure to check them out! They're amazing and smell so freaking good. 

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