Our Etsy Store

Our Etsy Store

Many people might wonder why we opened an Etsy store utilizing print on demand when we have a website. And the answer is a long one. 

My friend who was running the second shop decided she no longer could do it. And I know that I do not have the time or energy to run a completely separate brand. Since she had already invested putting so many of my previous designs onto this Etsy store I simply changed the name to match the rest of our social media and decided to give it a go. 

The great thing about this is that all of the designs that are no longer available on the website, because let's face it as a single one person I can only hold so much inventory and make so many things, anyway all of those things can go on the Etsy shop and be made and delivered using the print on demand services. There are also some items that I simply don't have the capacity to make that are both on my website and in the pod shop like the UV printed tumblers. 

Another great thing about this is that I am not advertising it. I did add the link to my links on all my social media but I don't have to actively promote on social media like I do for my website traffic. Although if I am wearing something that can only be found on the Etsy pod shop then of course I'll direct people that way. 

Processing time is also shorter utilizing the print on demand service which I feel is something people expect on Etsy. Some designs are overlapping currently, but in the future I will simply be moving designs from the website to the Etsy shop after they run their course. This means you'll still be able to get them if it's something you really want, and maybe they'll find a new audience over there. 

And obviously if we find that this doesn't work for our business then we will re-evaluate and change things. That's one of the great things about running your own business is that you have the power to change things as necessary! 

I had gotten this question a few times, so I hope this clears it up! We are not trying to pull a fast one on anyone or do anything nefarious. This situation simply happened, and we are rolling with it. 

Love y'all! Have the most amazing Monday ever! 

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