midnights tee - Taylor Collection

midnights tee - Taylor Collection

Everyone (including me) has lost their minds of Taylor Swift announcing her next album at the VMAs. 

And honestly it inspired me. I have a series of seven original designs playing around every time Taylor Swift mentions the specific word "midnight" or "midnights" in her songs. There are six songs that she specifically says midnight or midnight in, so there is this first tee inspired by one of the new Midnights album covers, which was the first release. And the rest will be released each Tuesday at midnight until the collection is complete. 

I currently have a special offer where you can purchase all seven of the midnight tees which gives nearly two free shirts than if you purchase them all separately. Of course, then you just have to trust the designs. I will update that listing each week until they are all released with photos. Once the final tee is released this special offer will expire within the week. 

At that time I'll start the "middle of the night" design releases. These will be on Tuesdays at midnight as well. There are seven songs that mention middle of the night. For Ms. Swift that's 13 songs that mention either midnight or middle of the night. 

The Taylor collection will be a permanent one, but designs will be rotating based on their popularity. Make sure to grab the ones you want because there is no guarantee that they'll be re-stocked or stick around forever! 


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