Memorial Day Sales

Memorial Day Sales

Y'all may have noticed that we do not have any Memorial Day sales. And this is deliberate. 

Memorial Day is a day to honor those who lost their lives while serving in the military. It's a day to remember those who never got to come home. It's a day to give respect to the still grieving families of those never recovered. 

It's not a day that is supposed to be about a day off from work or a cool sale or having a big BBQ. For our family, it's a day of quiet remembrance. And that's why we don't have a sale. We take that day to quietly spend together and remember the friends we've lost. Send some positivity to families who will never stop mourning. 

We mean no disrespect towards companies that do have Memorial Day sales or those that may shop in those sales. It is simply not something that Clothesline Apparel Co. chooses to participate in. The day has a different meaning for us. 

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