me and karma

me and karma


 This new album has basically been on repeat for me since it released. And oh did Blondie get us good with releasing seven extra tracks at 0300! And there are ZERO SKIPS! Every time I listen I have a new favorite song. 

It's so hard to pick a favorite because every single song on the Midnights album is my special little baby. 

I have started adding merch to the Taylor collection that is inspired by the new Midnights album, so you really should check it out. And remember if you see a design that you want on a crewneck that isn't offered on one just send us a message! We will put any of our designs onto any other color shirt or hoodie or crewneck. At no extra charge! 

Anyway, I doubt I'll stop being inspired by this album or any of Taylor's songs anytime soon, so make sure to subscribe to our email and follow us on social media to see when we add new things. We also add new items on Tuesdays. 

Love y'all! 

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