Lust + Lore Digitals

Lust + Lore Digitals

A few weeks ago I had slowly started adding digital designs to the shop. Designs that I loved but did not have the right market for or ones that I loved and simply decided not to use. And even some that I don't really love because they're not my personal style but that other shops have amazing success with! 

I love designing, and I've been designing for a long time. I started with my first online shop that sold customized onesies way back in 2012. Those designs have just traveled with me throughout the years, and I kept designing for others occasionally or for personal use or heck even just for fun. 

With the re-brand and my finally niching down I know that there isn't a huge place for all of these designs, but they're still super cute and someone can use them. Plus it helps to expand my business which is something I've been working towards for a long time. 

We will be moving all of our original feminist, equality, western, and some of the bookish or fandom designs to digital options. We will also be adding a ton of other super cute designs, so check them out. 

All digital designs come with a limited commercial license meaning you can print them to make any physical products that you like. You may use a transfer printing company to have prints done, but in order to sell transfers you must purchase the transfer license. You may not use our designs in large print on demand companies. 

Once a transfer license is purchased you will get a code that will work on digitals only that will give you all digitals half off. 

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