Love + Lore and Lust + Lore

Love + Lore and Lust + Lore

The first official designs for our secondary brand have launched. 

This brand Love + Lore will all be at the same website and in the same collections alongside their darker sisters. They just have separate social media to keep the aesthetic going! 

So why did I decide to create two aesthetics within one overarching brand? 

I decided because I kept gravitating towards two distinct aesthetics and styles, but I could not force myself to decide on one. 

On one hand I want to be pastels and light with fun happy flirty designs like this Lavender Haze design. On the other hand I want to be edgy and sharp with lust and sexy designs. Rather than choose one or the other I choose both. 

That's the kind of chaos junkie I am. 

Eventually I hope to have separate landing pages to the website for a fully immersive experience. For now there is separate social media.

For Lust + Lore all user names are: @shoplustandlore

For Love + Lore all user names are: @shoploveandlore

Thank you all for being along on this ride. I'm so happy that you're all here. 


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