Launch Strategy Updates

Launch Strategy Updates

I recently had a revelation when I was struggling through a difficult collection launch and was left feeling super stressed out and like it just was not working for me and it wasn't working for Clothesline Apparel Company. 

The revelation was that I am in charge at this here little shindig which means I can change it if it's not working for me or for the shop. And so I decided that would be my last large collection drop excepting seasonal/holiday collections and any other temporary or limited edition collections. It's just too stressful, and it does not indicate success. 

From now on I will continue to do new drops on Thursdays, but it will just be one design or two. (except Spooky Season which is dropping on a Wednesday!) 

I'm also updating the length of time for the Courts series. I think three months is too long, so those are moving to only be available for about six-ish weeks at a time, with the next one dropping mid-September which is Autumn Court. The Sumer Court is available until 8/31 still. Make sure to follow us on Instagram for updated launch schedules as far as these seasonal or limited edition collections. 

As of right now the drop schedule looks like this for the rest of 2022:

8/31: Spooky Season

9/15: Autumn Court

10/6: Winter Holidays

11/1: Winter Court

Reminder that this does not include me adding designs to existing collections. This will ALWAYS happen on a Thursday, and designs will be moved to Last Call as sales begin to wane or we need to make room. 

We hope you love this new less stressed version of Rhonda and Clothesline Apparel Co. (your home for magical and bookish merch inspired by fictional worlds, feminism, and fast horses)


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