Last Call + Misprints

Last Call + Misprints

Have you checked out our Last Call + Misprints section?

There are tons of great deals and very low priced tees! We also have a Last Call highlight on our instagram that has even more deals not featured on the website. 

Make sure to check it out if you're wanting anything that has been discontinued or have a slight mistake on them. I just listed one of these (The Reader) on the instagram story for $15 including shipping! It's a size 2XL. 

I started listing these because I found that I would have the sample for photos left over or a slight error that some people wouldn't mind. I just wanted to make sure I was sending out ones that were perfect, but I know that some people love a great deal and don't mind a slight imperfection. 

I don't mind sending out ones with those imperfections so long as the recipient is aware! But I know I would hate to order a tee and have it come not as advertised with some issues without being told. 

There are currently tees in that section for as low as $5! 

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