Labyrinth - Limited Time Collection

Labyrinth - Limited Time Collection

Labyrinth is one of my all time favorite movies, and from time to time releasing a limited availability collection for one of your favorite movies is fun! 

It's a chance to bring back some old favorites that people really liked, and maybe make them in some different color options. It's also a chance to release some cute new stuff inspired by a favorite movie. 

This collection sees three designs that were previously available as well as a few new ones and some new color options for old ones. I've mashed some Labyrinth and Taylor Swift for two of the designs, and those are available in both collections. However, once the Labyrinth collection leaves us at the end of summer these designs will as well. 

I never know if I'll bring these limited collections back. It's always just if the mood strikes me and how well they are received. Babe with the Power is always a best seller when I have it available. And I'm excited for the chance to offer all of these on Comfort Colors alongside the Bella Canvas tees. 

If you love The Goblin King and probably would have left Toby in the Goblin City then this collection is for you. I mean, I guess even if you would have rescued Toby from the Goblin City you can shop here. I just always wondered why Sarah would choose to save Toby instead of becoming The Goblin Queen. 

The collection will be available from 6/20 through 9/20 or while supplies last. 

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