L + L Digitals & Wholesale

L + L Digitals & Wholesale

This might be one of the aspects that I am most proud of as we re-brand from Clothesline Apparel Co. into a company that has three separate and unique aesthetic brands. 

All of them have separate social media accounts, but all of them will link back to this website. This one that I am introducing today is L + L Digitals & Wholesale. 

You can find all of the links at linktr.ee/landldigitalswholesale for the social media. 

L + L Digitals & Wholesale is our business that is for other businesses. This brand focuses on providing digital designs to others as well as wholesale. The styles range to encompass a broad range. It includes all of the designs we have ever offered as we figured out what our aesthetic was on the retail side. Just because it is not Lust + Lore or Love + Lore's aesthetic doesn't mean we won't offer it. 

We also share small business tips on our tiktok as well as provide helpful references to where small businesses can go to get certain things, like transfer vendors, sticker makers, etc. 

I love designing. It might be one of my favorite things about this business, and I have been designing things since 2011. I have tons of digital designs, and I hope that someone out there finds what they're looking for to use in their small business. I want to be helpful to others who are just starting out. It can be tough doing this, and I know that there were people who helped me in the beginning so I want to help others. 

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