influencer and affiliate marketing opportunities

influencer and affiliate marketing opportunities

We have several opportunities here at Clothesline Apparel Co. for affiliates or influencers to earn commission and get free products. 

We have three distinct programs which allow influencers or affiliates to earn commissions, earn store credits, and get free products. 

The first is the affiliate program. This is open to any and every single human on the planet. You just have to go to the link and fill out the information. It will walk you through creating a unique discount code for you to share which will give folks 10% off and help you earn 10% commission for everyone who uses your link or code to purchase. Please make sure you have your PayPal information listed correctly though as that is the only way we currently pay affiliates. 

The second is the influencer PR box program. This one has some qualifications. Basically you fill out the google form and if selected will randomly receive influencer PR boxes with free merchandise. We ask that you tag us in unboxing the products and when you wear the products on your social media. You also must already be an affiliate and use your affiliate code when you post these items. If we send out an influencer PR box and we are not tagged when you are wearing or unboxing then it will be the only box you receive from us. :) 

The third one is the photo drop program. This one is just where you submit pictures of the merch that you've styled or put in a really cute flat lay. We will give you $5 of store credit for each photo that you submit that is accepted. We send out these gift cards monthly on the 15th (ish) of each month. 

You can do one or all of them! We would love to have you join our team. And one day we do hope to be able to pay influencers to market for us, but we just aren't that big yet. 

You can find information for all of these programs under the 'dreamers & rebels' tab on our website. 

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