how does your shop look?

how does your shop look?

When I first got my shed a few years ago, I envisioned this beautiful organized pinterest perfect craft space. Instead it was always messy, rarely as organized as I would like, and seemingly shrunk by the day. 

I moved into our converted garage as my work space and the same thing happens in here. 

It seems like if I spend the day organizing and cleaning then the very next day it is a mess again. It's not because I am being super dirty. I'm just busy working. I'm making shirts, working on embroidery, working on learning tumblers, printing transfers, curing transfers...all of the parts of my business that customers really want me to be doing so they can get their items. 

I've come to the conclusion that those cute craft spaces are great, but I'm busy and I'd rather be busy with orders than have all the downtime to ROYGBIV my inventory. Maybe one day when I get an actual warehouse and have employees that can be a goal of mine, but for now I'll just have to move forward with my slightly messy disorganized space. 

Now...where are my scissors again?

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