Hey Dude Dupes

Hey Dude Dupes

Honestly I just really want to talk about these shoes for a second. I tend to wind up with all of my shoes being barn shoes. Oh sure for a bit I keep them all neat and out of the horse pens. 

Then inevitably I wear them down there. 

And I really wanted Hey Dudes...but the price tag was just a little too much for shoes that would inevitably be covered with various animal dirt. 

Introducing the Hey Dude Dupes...or as someone called them the other night 'sup bros? They are available in three colors on our website: the purple serape, grey, and pink. 

I got myself the purple serape ones because why the heck not? And they are so comfortable and LIGHT. It feels like I am barefoot but with protection from rocks and stuff which is perfect for me because I hate wearing shoes. But I live in the desert which means shoes are an absolute necessity. 

They are super comfortable, light, and easy to slip on and off. The perfect shoes for practically any outfit. And the price is right so even if they do get a little muddy you won't mind. ;) 

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