Fictional Schools Drop

Fictional Schools Drop

In honor of August being the back to school month for most people we are releasing a collection full of all our favorite fictional schools! 

Most of the items will be in the varsity style with a puff style transfer! We are so excited to be able to offer these. They just give everything a little added pizzazz! 

And keychains like the one pictured will also be coming to the shop. This is the debut for them with the fictional schools drop, but we are so excited to expand and offer new products. These are sourced from from other small businesses, so when you support us you're also supporting them! Anytime we outsource we do our best to make sure we are purchasing from another small business who is ecofriendly and ethically producing their items. 

Some fictional schools that will be included in the drop which happens on FRIDAY AUGUST 25th are:


Whitmore College

Greendale Community College

Sunnydale High School

Sweet Valley High




Basgiath (coming as soon as we have approv

and MORE!

These items will all be crosslisted to their fandom collection as well as be in the graphic tees or crewnecks part of the shop and be in a special featured collection for Fictional Schools.

We are so excited about this launch, and if you go sign up for our email that is coming out this weekend you'll get a special code to use for this launch! 



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