Feminist Drop

Feminist Drop

I know! I said I wasn't going to do any controversial designs anymore because I don't like that side of social media, BUT this is not going to be (or shouldn't be controversial). Yes these are feminist tees, but they lean on the side of female empowerment and inclusiveness for any and every one who identifies as a woman. 

It's not about politics (although yes I know it always winds up that way). But that's not my overall aim. There are politically charged digital designs in L and L Digitals on Etsy if you are wanting to make those for yourself and use my designs or even sell them! All of my digitals come with commercial licensing to make physical products. :) 

But I digress. 

These designs are about empowering women and girls and standing up for yourself and being proud to be a woman. And if people don't like that then I don't know what to tell them except maybe this isn't the place for them. 

I hope you love the designs! 

Love y'all! 

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