fall feels

fall feels

When I think about the fall I think back to when my son was playing football so Friday nights were spent under stadium lights yelling for him and his team, drinking hot chocolate and having nachos for dinner. Those are some of my favorite times. Or I think about college when football season would start and tailgates would happen (my son was a baby then) and the air would be crisp. 

Growing up in Florida I often didn't get crunchy leaves in the fall, but anytime I got to travel I would want it to be in the fall so I would see all the amazing colors in those trees and feel that crisp air on the skin and hear that crunch under my feet. 

A hot beverage. Obviously. Whether you're around a fall bonfire or at a football game or picking apples or headed to the pumpkin patch your favorite hot beverage should definitely be present. 

And of course what's fall without a pumpkin? 

It's decorative gourd season baby!!!! 

And so I present fall feels. 

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