EXIST LOUDLY // design inspiration

EXIST LOUDLY // design inspiration

When I decided to add feminist tees again I knew I did not really want one that were politically driven, even though as women our existence is often highly politicized. I wanted to go more the route of badass women and empowerment. 

One of the things I've been thinking about is how I existed so quietly for so long. I was always afraid to be "too much" or make anyone uncomfortable. And as I removed myself from toxic relationships, out of toxic environments, and away from people who made me feel like I needed to diminish myself to fit in with the crowd I began to exist more freely again. 

As I began to find new friends, new romantic relationships, and become the me that I had lost I felt like I was existing again. Only this time I was not quieting myself down to appease the masses. I was existing. 


And I think that this happens to women and girls all the time. We are taught not to make waves, not to cause a scene, don't be "that girl"....but ya know what? 


I am the girl that will exist loudly and stand up for marginalized communities, and be proud to be bisexual, and love reading fantasy novels, and barrel racing. I will support my trans friends. I will support women who choose to not have babies, and I will support women who choose to have ten. I will read smutty books and watch Supernatural. I will never wear heels again because I don't like them, and I will hype up every woman I see wearing heels because she feels good in them. I will snap back with viciousness at bigots on the internet who are tearing others down while simultaneously lifting up the ones being torn down.

We can be whatever we want. 

There is no box. No niche. No set list of specifications and check boxes that tell us who to be and what image to project. We can just be. 

Exist Loudly. 

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