Dropshipped Products

Dropshipped Products

I love making the merch you see in this shop, but sometimes you have to know when to outsource something. This hat was one of those things. I do have an embroidery machine, and I will be adding embroidered merch. I just haven't perfected it yet. And hats are tricky. 

I knew I wanted to offer this hat, so I had to figure out how to outsource it and I did. It's honestly super cute and comes in two colors. 

I can totally picture this hat on Hunt Athalar while he's sitting on Bryce's couch in that condo that Danika left her. 

Or I can picture Ithan wearing it as he patrols as a nod to his days as a Sunball player. 

Anyway the hat is a casual dad cap that is fully adjustable with an embroidered sun and says Crescent City Sunball. The sun is in a gold color thread while the wording is in a maroon color thread. It's literally my favorite hat right now. 

And we hope you love it too! 

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