Digital Designs

Digital Designs


Recently we started a new section of our business to include digital designs as part of our offerings. I have been selling online and designing digitals since 2011, so I have quite a store of digital designs that no longer fit with the vibes of Lust + Lore or Love + Lore. I decided that just because they did not go with my look that they should still be put to use and that other small business owners may benefit from having clip art or designs that are ready to go. 

I decided to add this to our wholesale since both are aimed at small business owners. Then I created separate social media on instagram and tiktok to advertise specifically to small business owners. We only have one Facebook page and one Pinterest for all three sections of our business. This is because we don't focus on Facebook as a platform, and the way pinterest is set up it allows for us to create boards and sections for our designs anyway, so we don't really need multiple on that platform. 

One of the things I have wanted to do for awhile and did for a bit on our Lust + Lore tiktok while it was still Clothesline Apparel Co. was share tips for small business owners. I have created a YouTube channel for L + L Digitals & Wholesale so that we can start sharing long form content to help small business owners starting in the new year. I hope that you follow us over there. 

I am really excited for this new way of doing things and I hope that it allows us to really focus in on our ideal customers and have them be able to follow us to get the content that they most want. 

Thank you all for all of the support and encouragement. I truly appreciate it. 

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