Christmas Orders

Christmas Orders

As Christmas approaches so does the deadline to order things in time for Christmas. We have so many cute Christmas designs, and there will inevitably be that person who orders on December 20th and wants their item in time for Christmas. 

Unfortunately, this won't be possible. 

Please remember when you order from small businesses that it is often a one human show. I do everything in my business from ordering blanks, to printing transfers (although I have been ordering out my direct to film transfers due to my printer being down which means I then have to wait on that supplier), pressing the tees, packaging, and sending them off. Plus all of the other behind the scenes things like maintaining the website, etc. Of course, I do contract out people to help if it becomes too busy and they will help with things like packaging orders. 

However, for most of the time it is simply just me. 

I do try to work as quickly as possible without burning myself out. There is always something to do in this business, and if I am not quite strict with myself about time off then I will quickly overwork myself which won't be good for anyone. 

So this holiday season I implore you to order early from your favorite small businesses, and be patient as we are working as hard as we can to get your orders to you as quickly as possible. And if you do have to contact us regarding the order, please remember that we are humans with real feelings. 

Happy Holidays everyone. And thank you all so much for the support. 

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