Bye 2022

Bye 2022

2022 is almost over, and soon many of the designs featured in our shop will be leaving forever, including this Chilly Down tee. 

We are changing how we do things a bit, and we are fully immersing ourselves into our rebrand. If you want colorful things and some of our popular fandom designs please see our sister store (@shoploveandlore on instagram). This store is affiliated with us and Rhonda is designing for that store still BUT they are separate shops with separate rules for how they are running their shops. 

Lust + Lore, which is solely run by Rhonda (me), is making the decision to remove items that could potentially infringe on a trademark or copyright. There are a variety of reasons why this decision is being made, but first and foremost it is out of respect for the creators of these characters and series and books that we all love so much. As I work on writing my first fictional novel I am struck by how difficult it is and how much of myself I am putting into these characters. I would not want someone to capitalize off of my hard work in that way without my permission, and so I am extending that same courtesy to other authors.

Honestly, I am on the fence about large corporations that create shows not based on books because it does not feel the same. And we may see some designs that fit the vibe of Lust + Lore come back or be redesigned to not be infringing but still be inspired by some shows or movies we love. 

I am in the process of getting licensed with many authors. This takes time, especially when rights have been purchased by other entities. Please be patient when you don't see your favorite author represented as there are a variety of factors at play. And please know that I am working on bringing amazing things to the shop while still being respectful of the people who brought these things to life for us. 

This is NO DIG or SHADE at any shop who chooses to make unlicensed merchandise. This is a decision that everyone has to come to themselves, and not everyone feels the same about things. But for me personally it started to feel gross to profit off of the hard work of someone else. This is also because I have had many many designs get stolen this year. I work incredibly hard designing things and redesigning and perfecting processes, and to see others simply steal my design was very disheartening. This is why I started watermarking my designs as well. 

Thank y'all for sticking with me through the growing pains and the changes over the years. I know we will continue to evolve because being stagnant is not the vibe here and honestly shouldn't be the vibe anywhere. 

Here's to a kick ass 2023! 

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