boutique items and new jewelry options

boutique items and new jewelry options

I am beyond excited that we are releasing more boutique items. It's such a risk because I have to purchase them and stock them without knowing if they'll sell, but I really love these items. I spent a lot of time looking for ethical wholesalers to purchase from that had a commitment to maintaining a sweatshop free guarantee and being as eco friendly as possible. 

Plus these are all so soft! I have some sensory issues, which makes it extra important to me that everything I sell through my shop feels nice. I want soft fabrics that fit well. And the three items I've picked for this boutique debut all feel great against your skin! 

We are also working on more jewelry options. Many of the new jewelry options we are listing are one of a kind. And that's partially because of my attention span and wanting to make something new. It's also because then your bracelet or necklace or whatever will be yours. Although I can't guarantee that I won't make that pattern again. It also takes awhile to make these, so it's not like I can offer them frequently or all I would ever be doing is beading things! I do enjoy making them, and I think they look super cute on people. I love seeing y'all tag us in the pictures when you wear items from our shop! It's one of my favorite things actually! 

Do you like boutique items in your fave online shops?

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