Hello Gorgeous Dreamers! 

So I love booktok. For a while I was really annoyed with social media which is super unfortunate considering owning a shop means I have to use social media to get my products out there and stay connected. Then I traveled over to the land of booktok, and I have met so so many amazing folks over there. 

And yes there is still drama, even about books, which is crazy weird to me that people can get mad about what someone else reads....or how they review books or whatever. 

But my point is if you love books, like I do, then get yourself on booktok because the cosplaying of fictional characters, the book reviews, and the community is amazing. 

Also, my apologies for missing the blog publishing date...I've been really sick. Not sure what is going on with me, so if things are slow please show me grace because I am trying really hard. My body is just not cooperating. 



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