Bookstagram + Shop Instagram

Bookstagram + Shop Instagram

If you follow us over on instagram and followed me over on bookstagram, you probably have noticed that I merged the two accounts and am posting my bookstall content as well as shop content on the single account. 

I was asked a ton of times why I chose to do this, so I figure a blog post is the best way to explain. 

I have bipolar one, OCD, anxiety, CPTSD, and to say I struggle with things is mild. I also have several physical chronic illnesses that keep me from being 100% quite frequently. With this myriad of health issues I felt really overwhelmed by creating content especially content that felt like it had some overlap. 

I had been struggling in my shop account for quite some time feeling as though all I did was show what I sell and say "here buy this" which I hate. I wanted it to be more personable. Then I also felt like sometimes on my bookstagam I would want to showcase my products because I was proud of them, and I enjoyed the community over there. Some things I would struggle with where to post it because it was a fun trend but I could also incorporate something from the shop into it without it feeling so "salesy" 

I struggle with social media in general since it became a "job". I tend to do fine when I am just posting for fun, but the minute it is a "niche" and requires me to stay focused it tends to all go to crap. I hope that by combing the two I will feel less pushy with sales while still creating that bookish community. 

I try to listen to all the social media experts, but I honestly just don't know what works best for me at this point in my life. 

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