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Back to Hogwarts

Does everyone know what tomorrow is? And do you have your ticket for Platform 9 3/4? 

This collection is one after my very heart. I have been enamored with this world for a long time, and I still cannot pick which class would be my favorite. I think I'd be like Hermione using a timeturner in order to take them all! I do love school. 

There is a chart design for each class showcasing the symbols that bring that particular class to life. These are all going to be available on a solid colored tee or on a color blast tee which is sort of like a bleached look without the bleach. 

I can't choose a favorite, but I hope that you find your favorite one...or just get them all. It's what Hermione would do. 

The collection includes:

Defense Against the Dark Arts






Care of Magical Creatures 

and more! 

And remember we are always happy to change the color tee, just email the customer service email BEFORE placing your order to ensure it can be done. 

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