Back to Hogwarts

Back to Hogwarts

It's that day! 

The day to return to Hogwarts! There are tons of shops doing a big launch, but I've just been quietly adding designs to the Wizarding collection. 

BUT some of my favorite designs are this sorted onesie. It comes in multiple sizes and there is one for each house. We have House of Badger, House of Eagle, House of Lion, and House of Serpent. 

These are the perfect baby shower gift for the Potter head soon to be parents in your life. Honestly they're so adorable I consider having another kiddo just to make them one, but don't worry I'm not. ;)

Each onesie features the letter invited your young witch or wizard to attend the best school of magic, then we have the sorting hat, and finally the house symbol. 

Make sure to check these out along with all the other great additions to the wizarding collection. 

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