Back to Forks | Twilight Collection

Back to Forks | Twilight Collection

Last week we released our Back to Forks designs which included four designs focused on the first book and movie in the Twilight franchise. I am doing a re-read (follow along on my bookstagram if you'd like). 

I first read this series around the beginning of 2009 right after the first movie came out. I read it along side my son, and with the exception of the first movie we went to the midnight premier of them all. It was definitely a really great time, and it makes for some really incredible memories with my kid. 

Many people might say that the Twilight books are not well written, and they might  say that the movies are not great works of art either....BUT hear me out. I typically judge books and movies based on the emotion they inspire. These books brought me out of a HUGE reading slump. Like over a year...and then they were this really fun thing that I shared with my kid with the reading the books together and going to the midnight premiers for the movies. So for me, these books and movies are a big wonderful part of my life in a time in my life where I didn't have a lot of those things. 

These are the first four new designs that have come to the Twilight collection. It includes a Forks High School tee, The Golden Onion tee, a Cullen Baseball Club tee, and a La Push Baby tee. I am also doing a tiktok video series talking briefly about the inspiration behind each design if you want to follow me over there. (our user name is shoplustandlore over there). I'm also going to briefly talk about each tee below. 

  • Forks High School: this tee is reminiscent of the time Bella spent dreading her last period gym class in the book. She talks about dressing out and the horror that she feels every time she's heading into play volleyball or badminton. The actual school colors are royal blue and a golden yellow, but I chose to put the golden yellow design on a navy blue tee because it's a little more subtle. The year established is put as the year 2000 because that is the year that the current Forks High School campus was first built. 
  • The Golden Onion: If you didn't love this scene then who even are you? This scene is super prevalent in the movie as the pivotal moment when Edward decides that he isn't going to stay away from Bella. I think we can all agree that this is a good choice. The design is white with The Golden Onion in a block font on says Est. 2008 since that is the year that the movie came out on either side of the onion. At the bottom it says Biology then Forks High School below that in the same font. The tee is a heather mustard tee which is incredibly soft and perfect for doing all of your biology work. 
  • Cullen Baseball Club: This is absolutely one of my favorite scenes in the book and the movie. When I read it I definitely immediately hear the opening bars of Supermassive Black Hole. This tee comes in two separate colors that are both on Bella Canvas raglan three quarter sleeve tees. They are incredibly soft, but unfortunately not as size inclusive as the tees. It says Cullen Baseball Club and the established date on this is listed as 1918 as that is when Carlisle turns Edward. This is one of my favorite new designs. 
  • La Push Baby: "and I don't just surf the internet". Another iconic scene from the book and movie is the one where Bella goes to La Push with her friends from school. This is when she learns from Jacob Black that the Cullens have a history on the Quiluete reservation. Bella practices her flirting skills to get this information from Jacob who quickly falls into like with Bella. This tee has a dark blue design which is the same color as the ocean, especially when it's cold. I went back and forth between this deep blue and a deep green since the ocean sometimes has that green color. But in that region of the country I feel like it's more blue than green. The tee itself is silver which is indicative of the sea foam that forms at the shore when waves hit the beach. 

There will be more Twilight designs throughout 2023 and this collection is definitely a permanent one. 

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Do you have any of the twilight collection left? I ordered the Cullen baseball and will be here any day now but I just seen the golden onion and forks high school and I’m obsessed ❤️

Kimberly taylor

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