Happy New Year! 

I hope everyone had a safe and happy time on NYE. And I hope everyone is ready to start a new chapter of their life. I'm certainly ready to start a new chapter of Lust + Lore. 

We are working on changing a lot of things, but we are giving everyone until January 13th to get designs that are leaving. And many of those will be released at some point in our sister shop Love + Lore which is being run by a friend of mine! 

I am so excited for these changes, and I have chosen a word of the year for Lust + Lore. The word is ~bewitching~

This year our focus is on bringing designs that entrap the mind and ensnare the senses. We are leaving behind creating anything that we are not licensed for or could infringe on someone else's intellectual property. 

I'm leaning in to the dark, the esoteric, all the things that are bewitching and beguiling. The first collection being released is the Zodiac + Personality collection which will pay homage to all of the zodiac signs, the enneagrams, and myers briggs types. I'm really excited about it, and I had hoped to have it all ready by the launch on 01/03, but we will start with the first set of Zodiac shirts. There is one design for each sign. 

Each tee will be offered on two color options. They will all be offered on a dark grey tee sizes XS through 5XL, then each sign will be offered on the color that is considered to be that sign's power color. These will be in muted tones but still representative of the power color for that sign. 

I hope that y'all love all of these. And as soon as the enneagram goddess designs with an applicable ACOTAR quote get approved I'll add them to the website. 

Here's to 2023...a year of leaning into who we really are. And loving every minute of it. 


           Rhonda <3

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